We are a Colombian company based in Cartagena De Indias, leaders in the commercialization of abrasives for blasting, with exclusive representation of the most globally recognized brands.


FABCOM S.A.S. is an organization dedicated to the commercialization of certified quality abrasives for cleaning and surface treatment, supported by competent human resources, financial strength, infrastructure and resources oriented to customer satisfaction.


In 2024 FABCOM S.A.S. will be recognized as a leader in the national market of abrasives for cleaning and surface treatment, through the continuous incorporation of competitive products and permanent inventory to ensure timely deliveries to our customers.




It is FABCOM S.A.S. policy to commercialize abrasives for cleaning and surface treatment of certified quality and at competitive prices, positioning us as the best option in the Colombian market.

We have competent human resources, committed to meeting customer expectations and at the same time with the economic viability of the company; this is achieved by maintaining the infrastructure, services and physical resources adequate for the development of our business with reliable suppliers, preserving and maintaining inventory according to demand as well as ensuring deliveries with minimal defects, continuously improving the processes of the HSEQ management system and controlling organizational risks.

Our operations are based on compliance with legal and regulatory standards related to environmental conservation, occupational health and safety, and in general all those applicable to the operation of the organization.

In addition to the above, we are committed to the promotion, prevention of diseases, injuries and control of risks in traffic accidents, public, locative, biomechanical and emergencies that could affect our employees and stakeholders, as well as the proper management of waste in the organization.


We are pleased to inform our customers, suppliers and other entities with which we have a relationship, that FABCOM S.A.S. received the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certification on March 09, 2017.

The certification was issued by Bureau Veritas.

who audited and found us in compliance with the requirements of the management system standards.


Somos una organización dedicada a la comercialización de abrasivos de calidad certificada para limpieza y tratamiento de superficies, orientados a la satisfacción del cliente.

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